Hello! My name is Torah Kid!

Welcome to this enchanting place called Magical Island! Here you will find exciting adventures and make many new friends. Come and play on the island of your choice! Build it into a true Jewish dreamland and steadily progress from private to general in Tzivos Hashem!

Good luck, and see you on the Island!


My name is Menachem.

I always have a couple of good recipes or a happy song. Also, I know a lot of interesting facts about plants and animals.

Always happy to see you on my island!


I & mdash; Zeide Michel, The Commander.

As you progress, I will up your rank. In addition, I will tell interesting stories about the weekly Torah portion and the yiddishe holidays.

I am always ready to answer any questions you have!


My name is Leah

I'll keep you posted with all the news on the islands. Also I know a lot about science experiments. Come visit my island whenever you want