Parent Information

Dear parents and distinguished guests,

This is the website of the Jewish children's educational project, TORA KIDS.
Our mission is to create an engaging gaming resource for children so that a healthy proportion of the time they spend on the Internet is positive and educational.  We are committed to make your child’s experience on this site rewarding enough to discourage searches for “adult” and “alternative” entertainment. A lot of what children stumble upon when surfing the net is at best unsuitable, and often damaging or even dangerous!  Why would a child seek entertainment in "adult" social networks and other places where they may gain access to unworthy or even harmful information, if their need and desire for engaging entertainment is satisfied right here???

We are fully committed to making TORA KIDS child-friendly, informative and challenging. Your child will learn how the Mishkan in the desert was constructed, and will be motivated to build a Mishkan of her/his own.  In the process, your child will become acquainted with many Jewish laws and traditions, particularly relevant to farming and social infrastructure.  Scores of children are already loving the game as they learn to farm, to develop useful skills and to hone qualities such as compassion, community consciousness and a love of nature.

After registration, the child gets his or her own island where s/he can acquire a home, grow crops, raise livestock and sell harvested produce. Children can post greetings and photos, and invite guests. They can also visit the personal islands of other children where they can write messages on their wall, browse the information and pictures their friends have posted and help with the farming.  They can also pet the animals, water the plants and do other “Acts of kindness” for these friends. All of these activities enhance their own productivity and efficiency, creating an ideal win/win culture.

We at TORA KIDS have worked diligently to collect and create interesting text, audio and video materials. While visiting and playing, your child can listen to Jewish music, watch educational videos, read engaging and well-illustrated articles and even enjoy some poetry! By being active in farming, communicating with other children and learning, your child receives "money" to build, improve and develop her/his island and “points” which bring your child to new levels of achievement.

To learn how to use the site and avoid missing interesting events and news, each child is given assigned tasks, called “quests”. The child is free to decide whether or not to perform or complete them, but soon discovers that completing the quests affords the best opportunity to discover all the interesting material and information available, as well as significantly accelerating his or her progress through the levels.

Another feature of TORA KIDS is the opportunity to participate in contests and to get the chance to win real prizes, such children's books, toys and useful accessories. As part of the registration process, we will ask for your email address.  This is so we can keep you informed about any innovations we make, and also so we can contact you regarding permission to send prizes your child has won.

We passionately believe that children benefit from firm limits and clear boundaries.  To support you in your endeavours to create reasonable limits for your child, we have included some down-time on the site. No matter how exciting gaming with TORA KIDS may be, we want to give children a consistent message of sensible guidelines and responsibility.  With this in mind, we have programmed the game to alert players at 20:45 (8:45pm) that the game will close in 15 minutes.  Then, at exactly at 21:00 (9:00pm) this site goes into night mode. This mode is an inactive screensaver with a sleeping “hero” and a soothing melody. Additionally, the site is in a special (non-active) mode on Shabbat and Jewish holy days. This feature gives children familiarity with Jewish tradition and helps them to understand how essential it is to devote time to "live" communication with relatives and friends.

Trusting that you will appreciate and support your child’s participation in this worthwhile gaming experience,

Site administration
"Torah Kid. Magic Island. "