Rays of the sun

The Torah tells us how Yakov wrestled with the angel and won it. Although the Angel was able to wound Yakov the next morning God performed a miracle by the sun cured Yakov.

Come and check, whether the sun's rays have medicinal qualities with which one can be cured?



When our skin meets the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the body has a process of creating vitamin D (D). Vitamin D is a very necessary vitamin it helps absorb calcium and phosphorus in the body properly. They are responsible for strengthening muscles and bones and heal wounds.

So that our bodies produce enough vitamin D, It is enough to expose the hands and face to the sun, two or three times a week for 5-15 minutes during the summer months.


Ultraviolet rays of the sun improve the processes that are happening in our body - breathing, metabolism, blood flow and more ...


Also, the sun's rays helpour bodies to cope with viruses and bacteria.

Winter and spring, when our immune system is weaker and we often catch cold, the sun's rays help us fight with colds and heal them.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun affect the mood, and help deal with stress and depression.




Despite all the good qualities we learned about the sun, we must be careful and remember that everything should be the correct proportion. If our body remains exposed to the sun too long, we can get burns skin and eyes and it's very painful and dangerous.