The second Plague that struck the Egyptians was frogs.

Frogs in Egypt fulfilled the commandment of God and tried as much as possible "annoy" the Egyptians.

What interesting things do we know about frogs now?

The frogs are found in almost all parts of the world in ponds or swamps, on the ground, the trees, even at a depth of several feet of solid clay.

They are divided into three types: frogs, toads and Haylntiim.

Frog skin is smooth or slightly lumpy, teeth that are in the upper jaw and their feet are covered with webbed hind.

The largest representative of the frogs is - Goliath frog. This giant frog can weigh as much as 3 pounds and its length is about 35 inches. this Frog's strong legs enable it to leap a distance of 3 meters !!

Smallest frogs live in Cuba. Body length ranges from 8.5 millimeters to 12 millimeters.

The toad frog contrast, toothless. Her skin is completely covered with lumps and is more dry and dark leather frog. She has two sides of the head called lymph glands Hfarrotid. These glands contain a poison whose strength varies from species to species, it secretes a toad when it's in trouble. True toad family prefer to live on land only in certain seasons they go into the water.

The world's largest toad is a cane toad, the weight can reach more than 2 pounds. Is one of the most toxic toads and frogs.

The world's smallest toad reaches a length of 2.4 inches.

The Hylidae family this is the smallest of the three types mentioned. The other types are different, the structure of their special toes that help them climb.

There are several types of Ilntiim can levitate. It helps them to escape from enemies.They can hover up to 12 meters.

the eyes of frogs structured so that they can look forward, sideways and up together, at the same time. They never close their  eyes for a long time, even during sleep.

Moist skin of frogs has antibacterial properties (antimicrobial). Therefore, in the past, would throw frogs in milk so the milk would not spoil.

Not all species of frogs are harmless. For example, “Cocoa” frogs living in the jungles of South America and Colombia, are the most toxic land animals on Earth. Their poison thousands of times stronger than cyanide 35 times stronger than the venom of the Asian cobra !!

In ancient Egypt, the frogs were a symbol of resurrection and were embalmed with the dead. This is probably due to the fact that many species of frogs that live in colder latitudes, every year, went into a coma and freezing and spring are again resurrected.The thing is that these frogs have created molecules that freeze - glucose. Their tissue fluids make the syrup, without the formation of ice, allowing Anadolu Cam frog to survive.