Ancient Egypt Facts

1.The Pharaohs would never allow anyone to see their hair. They  always wore a wig or head covering.

2. Pharaoh Pepi II hated flies. To keep the flies away, he would always have servants smeared with honey standing next to him. The flies would stick to the servants instead of reaching him.  

3. In ancient Egypt, the color of eye makeup was usually green (made from copper), or black (made from lead).

The Egyptians believed that makeup had healing qualities.

The Egyptians used makeup mainly as a sunscreen. Usage for beauty was only secondary.

4. Antibiotics only came into use during the 1940's, but the ancient Egyptians were already using moldy foods to treat infections 4000 years ago.  

5. In ancient Egypt, men wore skirts and women wore dresses.


6. Rich Egyptians wore wigs.

Poorer Egyptians would grow their hair long, and sometimes braid it.

Children under age 12 would shave their heads besides for one braid. The only reason for this was so they wouldn't get lice and fleas.

7. Soldiers in Egypt served also as policemen and tax collectors.

8. In Egypt, men and women were equal according to law and in the country's economy. However the men's social status was much higher than the women's.

9. Generations of Egyptians believed that the Pharaoh could never die!

For example: Pharaoh Pepi II broke the record for all rulers in the  history of the world. He became the Pharaoh (king) at age 6, and lived until 100 years old!

94 years in power!

In order not to assimilate with the Egyptians, the Jews were careful about 3 things that kept them different from the Egyptians:

1. They only gave their children Jewish names.

2. They wore different clothes than the Egyptians.

3. They only spoke Hebrew.

4. They treated each other with mercy.